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The essence of growing old is not that your body is wearing out, but that your contemporaries are mostly no longer dying in car crashes or of drug overdoses or at their own hands, but from natural causes. For my generation, last year's death toll of the famous was probably an early spike in what we can expect from now on. And this year isn't looking too good for New Zealand, with first Murry Ball dying and now John Clarke. (Who are connected forever in the movie of Ball's Footrot Flats, where Clarke was the voice of Wal...

As soon as Clarke appeared on NZ television he was instantly famous, due in part to there only being one TV station in the country then. It was deserved fame though, with a career going from this...

to, in Australia, this...

The Games, somewhere inbetween, was a TV series about staging the Sydney Olympics and will probably be viewed as his high point...

If I could've found it, I would've chosen a clip where Clarke and I think Bryan Dawe switch to discussing something in Strine to mask what they're talking about in front of someone British, who stands there grinning incomprehensibly. But I couldn't find it, so the above will have to do, despite it being way overused in the past day.

Clarke's move to Australia was New Zealand's loss but undoubtedly Australia's gain. And on hearing why he moved, (a wife who couldn't stand NZ), we should have no further quibbles. Everyone's been saying he was a lovely man and that's just further proof of it. All is forgiven Australia, on this one.

Maybe if he hadn't suffered from a fear of flying he would've focused his microscope a bit more on NZ after the Fred Dagg days. But there's lots of ifs when someone so talented dies too soon. Forget those, and if you've seen too much of his TV over the last day, perhaps just quieten down and read some of his writings instead...

Sorely missed, both sides of the Tasman.


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