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The woman Evan McMullin says is his running mate for Vice President, Mindy Finn, isn't shown as his running mate on ballot papers. Instead, someone called Nathan Johnson is...

McMullin's reasoning for this makes sense - that his rush to enter the race hadn't given him time to sound out potential running mates. It's still laughable though, like American democracy in general and this election in particular.

More head-scratching from an alien's POV...
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It's suddenly possible that Evan McMullin could win Utah...

If that happens and it's otherwise a close race between Trump and Clinton, it could be the House of Representatives who choose the next President. That would be a fitting end for such a train-crash of an election, but I can't imagine who they'd choose out of the three! One thing about McMullin is he seems pretty squeaky-clean compared to the other two, (or you or me, for that matter), so perhaps that'd count in his favour. And you suspect a reasoned argument would work with him, unlike with Trump. Which might be enough to counter his and his running-mate's newbie status and, one assumes, the low percentage he'll get of the popular vote.

This scenario seems a more savory result than a Trump victory.


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