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Like most places, Uber is controversial in NZ. And currently illegal according to the NZ Transport Agency, not to mention banned from airports.

I don't use taxis and so I don't know if local taxi companies already have a decent app, but if not they sure should get one fast. The current NZ government is bound to smile on Uber when they figure out how, since they'll see it as being a tourist-friendly service.

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Date: 2016-07-06 04:05 pm (UTC)
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Uber-the-company is evil incarnate and I don't want to give them any business.

Uber-the-product is a well done implementation of an obvious idea that should've been done by private hire firms and black cabs years ago.

When London Black Cabs went on strike over Uber it provided them with a massive publicity boost and a huge increase in customers, the cabbies were really stupid in the way they handled it.

Back when I worked in tourism we had a deal with the largest local taxi firm and I regularly sat in one of their control rooms at the coach station if it was raining, this was back in 2005ish, they had an active map screen displaying to them where all their cars were all the time.

They had the tech to do Uber before Uber did, but it never occurred to them until after a disruptive incomer nearly killed them off.


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