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Firefox has updated itself I see, to 29.0.1. And once a bloody again they've placed the tabs' bar above the URL' bar, or whatever they call it. This is totally back-to-front, it making it hard to distinguish between the top of a webpage and the guff in the browser border. A row of tabs filled with page names and page icons is an obvious visual clue to the top of a page, so it should be the default presentation. So why isn't it, never mind not even being easily selectable?)

(After the previous update switched these bars around, I spent the usual hours on the web finding how to turn them back again. Whether those hours will be worth spending on this again I'm yet to find out, but it'd be nice if they actually respected users' settings in the first place, right?)

Update: As explained here...

'tabs on top' is an about:config option - specifically: browser.tabs.onTop

Set that to false, restart your browser and the tab bar should be under the navigation bar. But that doesn't work any more. Sigh...

So, Mozilla, with your next update, get that working again. Or better still, just make the URL box so it can be put wherever we like same as every other gadget. Then let us configure the bars in whatever order we like.

(As an aside, I've already used the browser's search box by accident a couple of times, thinking it's part of a webpage. That's the blurring of the page edge I'm complaining about...)

Update 2: I found an Add-On to give Tabs on Bottom - Namely: "Tabs on Bottom (Australis) 0.6.2". I found another Tabs on Bottom among the Add-Ons too, but it disabled the 'Hide Titlebar' feature, which this Australis one doesn't do. The result is a bit too plain grey for my liking, (the grey gradient having disappeared), but perhaps there's an Add-On to change the colours as well...


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