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Check out the Excel/VisualBasic vs Red game of Pong there!
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"What is reactive programming? Let me make a short disclaimer first, this is not yet-another-FRP framework relying on event streams. The reactive model we use is known as object-oriented reactive programming (using a 'push' model), which is both simple to understand and close to spreadsheet's model (i.e. Excel formulas). That model has often been praised for its simplicity and efficiency. You can now use it directly in Red."

Taken from here:
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The Red programming language has just had GUI support added...

I tried it, (it's just one executable to install - follow the instructions on the above page), and the demos there worked as described. Note Red isn't at v1.0 yet though, so stuff is missing. But note also this from the above...

Here it is, the long awaited 0.6.0 release with its massive 1540 commits! The major new features are:

View engine, with Windows backend (from XP to 10)
VID dialect
Draw dialect
Reactive GUI programming
GUI console
Simple I/O support for files and HTTP(S) queries.
Codecs system with following codecs available: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG
Objects ownership system

All those additions made our Red executable grow from 767 KB to 885 KB (Windows platform), sorry for the extra 120 KB, we will try to [red]uce that in the future. ;-)

Red's definitely sticking with the Rebol ethos.

Edit: A Hacker News discussion on it...
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There's a nice response to a beginner's question about Rebol (or Red) readability here...

As someone who learnt Rebol before more mainstream languages like JavaScript, I love to death Rebol's minimal syntax. It may be hard for others to read, but it's lovely to write.
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Red, the new Rebol-like language, is coming along nicely...

Wish I had the time to play with it. :(


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