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I spotted a few comments in Hacker News about Rebol being used in the wild, which is a rare thing to read...
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I've not mentioned Rebol for a while, so I'll post a link to a nice question and answer about it...

The big failure with Rebol is not everything's written in it, like it should be. (By 'everything' I mean the backend and frontend of webpages, for instance. It could replace the programming language on the server along with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And possibly the database language you're using on the server as well. And if Rebol's too slow for the latter, Red promises not to be.)

As it is, we're switching between half a dozen different languages, each with their own syntax etc. just to make a bog-standard webpage. The human brain isn't optimized to work like this.
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Someone checks out Rebol on stackoverflow - it proves to be an interesting introduction...
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There's a nice response to a beginner's question about Rebol (or Red) readability here...

As someone who learnt Rebol before more mainstream languages like JavaScript, I love to death Rebol's minimal syntax. It may be hard for others to read, but it's lovely to write.


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