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Drone landing attempt:

(Is there problems with embedding YouTube videos into Dreamwidth ATM?)
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Another SpaceX launch and droneship landing attempt is about to take place...

Plus, if all goes well, it'll add a ballon-room to the space station.
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And it seems I was wrong about the first stage needing an orbit to get back to Cape Canaveral. Which makes sense, as it's quite a big thing to put into orbit. :) Also, in the full broadcast they mentioned they'll still be using the barge for some landings. Not to mention that the Falcon's now 33% more powerful.

That's such a history-making event. Assuming they can reuse the various stages, getting into space is now way cheaper. Couple it with Bigelow's space habitats, and we should finally be a real space-faring species by the end of the decade.

Edit: And the landing as seen from mission control...

They know what they've achieved.
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A tweet from Musk: "Launch & landing can be seen on the webcast or in person from Cape Canaveral public causeway at 8:33pm local tmrw"

So both launch and landing are at Canaveral, and it's now a Monday launch, not a Sunday one - because the dice fell best that way.
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"This mission also marks SpaceX’s return-to-flight as well as its first attempt to land a first stage on land. The landing of the first stage is a secondary test objective."

Edit: I suspect the landing won't be at Cape Canaveral, they probably not wanting a lot of people around should something go wrong.
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SpaceX can (hopefully) do better...

If that's a Canaveral launch to a Canaveral touchdown, I assume the first-stage must be doing an orbit. As their barge landing attempts have shown, they can hit their targets. It just remains to be seen if they can finally manage a soft landing.

With their last launch a failure, this has all the hallmarks of a test flight. Be great if it works, but will look worse than the barge failures if it doesn't.


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