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I opened the account last weekend, and had a bit of an explore then, but haven't been able to get back to it till now. So, what's good...

Crossposting from DW to LJ, as just proved, seems to work very well. (I doubt an edit on DW will show up on LJ though, but that's probably for the best. (Later: I was wrong - an edit on DW will show up in LJ - as long as the LJ post hasn't been edited.))

Importing LJ into DW. You can do it from within DW, and it took me less than ten minutes.

Friends List. Called a Circle and it's been split into those you subscribe to and those you grant access to read your journal. An excellent idea.

You can add non-DW people to your Circle, to both read and grant access to your journal. (Via OpenID.) And you'll note I've given some of you access... And others not, due to a glitch in the system that didn't allow names with underlines in them to be accepted. (Later: replacing the underlines with dashes fixes this.) Though one of you were not allowed even without an underline. So hiccups there. (And some of you are not there as I know you're already on DW and I'll be, err, Circling?, ???, you real soon now!)

Tags can now have: tag:subtag

And no one's spam-circled me yet and there's no adverts!

The bad news, such as it is, gets its own post too - later. But it's not too bad, is mostly fixable or already planned to be fixed, and there's much more to love about DJ than LJ in its current state. Not least that those in charge are working for you and not their advertisers.


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